Seal Systems

PR Self Levelling Floor System No. 2

P.R. Self-Levelling Flooring System No 2 is based on a blend of epoxy resin and curing agent binder giving the low viscosity characteristics necessary to wet the graded fine aggregates and also giving good levelling properties. The easily mixed system provides a 2mm – 4mm thick floor topping with advantages to both contractors and clients. The epoxy resin, curing agent and filler components are supplied pre-weighed and blended ready for use on site. The system is primed by using P.R. Solvent Free Primer, which is also supplied in pre-weighed packs to site.


P.R. Self-Levelling Flooring System No 2 is suitable for use where a hard wearing, dust free, hygienic, easy to clean floor topping is required. It is widely used on industrial and commercial floors and in laboratories, showrooms, schools, plant rooms and food factories.