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White Tank System

Underground Waterproofing System.

The Drytech White Tank System, used for waterproofing new buildings against ground moisture, is based on a single structure in waterproof concrete and waterproofing of cracks, joints and penetrations.

The system is designed, coordinated and controlled by Drytech Engineering, working together with the structural engineer and the building company from the moment building design begins.

Drytech specialisation and experience translate into proven solutions and sound advice for building firms, enabling them to make use of the full potential offered by the White Tank System in terms of reliability, rapidity and saving.


Waterproofing cannot be damaged as it is inside the concrete. And it’s the concrete it self.
It also has the same thickness as the structure: this contributes to the system’s watertightness, even when exposed to aggressive water.

The system guarantees the real possibility to carry out maintenance over time.
Any repairs are carried out internally using injection techniques, with no demolition or excavation work, and without compromising normal use of the building.

The single, concrete structure offers savings in terms of time, material and excavation.

Drytech is solely responsible for waterproofing the structure, which is covered by a contractual and insurance warranty.

At European level, the Drytech Group completes more than 800,000 m2 of new buildings below water table every year, waterproofed using the White Tank System.

Drytech partners have specialised exclusively in waterproofing since 1963 (, and are present in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Strengthened by this considerable experience, Drytech searches for, improves and applies the most advanced waterproofing systems, consolidating its role as a specialist committed to helping businesses and private individuals.

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