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Category: AstroFlame – Product Data Sheets

AstroFlame – Pillows

Manufactured from a hard wearing specially treated glass cloth filled with a mixture of mineral fibre and reactive expansion agents, which on exposure to heat from a fire will first expand and then harden to provide a complete and durable seal against the passage of fire, smoke and hot gases.

Intumescent Fire Pillows can be used for creating either temporary or permanent fire barriers and are ideal for sealing cable trays and ducts that penetrate fire rated structures.

AstroFlame – Pipe Wrap

Flexible strips of high performance intumescent material encapsulated in a polythene sleeve – designed for wrapping around plastic pipes that pass through masonry floors and walls. on exposure to fire the wrap expands rapidly inwards to squeeze the collapsing plastic pipe until the aperture is completely sealed.

AstroFlame – Anti Graffiti Paint

A unique one-pack external coating designed to give effective protection against both graffiti and flyposter attack. Astro Anti Graffiti Paint is a permanent not sacrificial system, allowing for repeated easy removal of any graffiti. Suitable for many surfaces, gives same day protection, repeat graffiti washes off with water.

AstroFlame – Face Plates

ASTROflame Face Plate Series presents a Mild Steel Louvered Grilles designed to satisfy all types of air transfer application in offices, shops, schools, hospitals and many other commercial projects. Manufactured using modern press machinery and production techniques the ASTROflame Face Plate Series is robustly fabricated from 2Oswg mild steel and comprises of horizontal louvres set on an 8.5mm pitch with a 30% downward deflection

AstroFlame – Fire Boards

Specifically designed for sealing around service penetrations in walls and floors, a single Astroflame board (60mm thick) can provide high levels of fire integrity and insulation offering up to 4 hours resistance in accordance with BS4746: Part 20: 1987.
Astroflame Boards consist of a mineral fibre core coated on both sides with Astroflame Mastic, which transforms into a hard ceramic during a fire to prevent the passage of fire and smoke and the transfer of heat.

AstroFlame – Fire Grills

A durable ventilation grille which is easily mounted in doors, ducts, floors & walls, and can provide in excess of 1/2 or 1 hour fire protection. Astroflame Fire Grille comprises of a moisture resistant intumescent core within a galvanized steel frame with vermin proof 6mm steel mesh fitted to both faces. The design allows a free area of 80% approximately. See our table below for guidance.

AstroFlame – Pipe Collars

Our pipe collars are manufactured from a high performance material bonded to the inside of a steel sleeve, which on exposure to heat from a fire will rapidly expand inwards to squeeze the collapsing plastic pipe until the aperture is completely sealed.

AstroFlame – Thermal Fire Pipe Sleeves

Steel, copper and plastic pipes are found in all commercial and domestic buildings. A high percentage of these pipes will penetrate through fire rated constructions such as ceilings, floors and walls. Once a hole is made in a fire rated construction for the passage of pipes or services the integrity of the compartment is compromised.

To solve this problem ASTROFLAME have a developed ASTRO Thermal Fire Pipe Sleeve, which reinstates the fire rating of the construction and prevents fire spreading from one compartment to another, and prevents copper pipes from cement erosion.

The sleeve is a cost effective product for the fire stopping of pipe penetrations e.g. Plumbing pipe and metallic pipes whilst maintaining similar thermal and acoustic properties as standard mineral fibre insulation. These properties ensure compliance to water bye laws and building regulations for cold and hot water pipes and heating systems.