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Fix ALL high tack

Fix ALL High Tack is a high quality single component
adhesive sealant with high adhesive strength and
initial tack. It is based on MS-Polymer®, chemically
neutral and fully elastic. For use in construction,
automotive, marine and aerospace areas where a
tough flexible rubber or adhesive with powerful
bond strength is required.


Sealing and bonding in the building industry
Sealing of floor joints and low movement wall joints
Sanitary and kitchen areas – resists mould growth
Structural bonding in vibrating constructions
Connection joints in sheet metal fabrication
Paintable gap filler and sealant
Mirror bonding direct onto the back of the mirror

Fix ALL Fills & Bonds

Fix All Fills & Bonds Handheld is a ready to use single
component self expanding polyurethane adhesive. The product has been
developed for clean, efficient, economic and permanent bonding of
insulation panels and lightweight decorative elements in wall and roof


· Bonding of various types of insulation panels onto roofs, walls and façades.
· Bonding of decorative elements in façade applications.
· Filling of cavities between insulation panels 

Fix ALL Ultra

Fix ALL Ultra is a transparent, neutral, elastic, single component adhesive based on SMX® technology.


– Bonding of the most common materials such as rubber, leather, artificial leather, cork, textile, glass, metal, and many hard and soft plastics toseveral substrates or to itself.
– For bonding of transparant materials such asABS, Plexiglas, glass, PMMA
– Bonding of porcelain, ceramic, etc. 

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