Seal Systems

AstroFlame – Thermal Fire Pipe Sleeves

Steel, copper and plastic pipes are found in all commercial and domestic buildings. A high percentage of these pipes will penetrate through fire rated constructions such as ceilings, floors and walls. Once a hole is made in a fire rated construction for the passage of pipes or services the integrity of the compartment is compromised.

To solve this problem ASTROFLAME have a developed ASTRO Thermal Fire Pipe Sleeve, which reinstates the fire rating of the construction and prevents fire spreading from one compartment to another, and prevents copper pipes from cement erosion.

The sleeve is a cost effective product for the fire stopping of pipe penetrations e.g. Plumbing pipe and metallic pipes whilst maintaining similar thermal and acoustic properties as standard mineral fibre insulation. These properties ensure compliance to water bye laws and building regulations for cold and hot water pipes and heating systems.